‘Kimono’, 100 x 80cm, 2020.

If wearing your heart on your sleeve is the equivalent of showing your true self to the world, we should acknowledge that the skin might just play the largest part in manifesting your truth and vulnerability. Your naked skin, your protector, your shield, which often shows the traces of all that it has endured.

A scarf is my go-to item. I always carry one with me and just recently realised that I consider it to be a second skin, an extra protective layer to cover myself in case of need.

For this portrait I have chosen to trade my trademark scarf for a kimono, which serves as a cover for all that you’d like to keep from prying eyes. A protector for your protector.

My quest for beauty lies in the simplest of things and I love to play with unconventional compositions, cut-outs as well as the thickness in the paint skin and working with large sized canvases.


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Afmetingen 100 × 80 cm