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‘Jacob’, 100 x 80 cm, 2020 (n.t.k.)

My first graduation series was based on portraits of the homeless in the Netherlands.

I believe everyone has been there; walking through the city wearing your nice and warm coat while shopping and leaving the stores with your hands full of bags with groceries, when you suddenly bump into a homeless person. Quite a confrontation to realise the contrast of these two worlds colliding. Some don’t even want to face it and avoid the confrontation all together, because it’s not convenient to them.

I find myself intrigued and always wonder what that person might be thinking, feeling, or how he or she is experiencing the world. How is it possible for someone to become homeless in a country such as ours? It is almost a no man’s land in which they live, without the necessities we mostly take for granted, such as safety, food and hygiene.

For years, I have played with the idea of portraying the homeless in a dignified manner. Finally, I was able come in to contact with Jacob, one of the most flamboyant characters and known by many in Groningen. I have had the pleasure of spending time with him and talk for hours about his world and especially his experience of it.

Thank you, Jacob, for your time and for the insights you have given me during this time.



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